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Linda good morning,
I started burning the candy corn warmer this weekend and the fragrance is filling the room. Can't wait to try the others! And what I LOVE is that you can pop out a warmer and change the fragrance without having to scrape it out or pour it out.
Question: Do you burn the tarts until they are finished or do they have a limited number of hours before you should change them out?
Thank you so much. I'll be glad to post again if you want another review as I go through these.
Laurie Smith

Good morning, Linda
The package arrived late yesterday and I could smell what it contained before I even looked at the label! Once again, I want to thank you for the gift and your generosity; the warmers smell great and I will start burning later this evening when we get home. And thank you for the coffee oil to try! Everything is made and wrapped with such love and perfection! Thank you for being such a caring, wonderful person and company. Enjoy your day. I hope you are well.
Most appreciatively,
Laurie Smith

Hello Kayloma
OMGosh! Received my package today, it was like Christmas with all the extra items. Thank you so much for the oil and the scented tarts. I ordered Pumpkin Pie Spice, my favorite! Please know your products are wonderful, the scent is awesome. Will always be a customer, so glad I found you? Hoping I have a chance to win the great gifts November 2nd, 2015. This sounds wonderful. My mailman said “Something sure smells good in this package when it was delivered.
Thank You So Much
Kimberly, North Carolina


I sent you an email, and thank you for answering so quickly! I received my order, and absolutely love your stuff. Your melts smell wonderful! Customer service is GREAT! On top of that I received free tarts. Keep up the Wonderful fragrance. Thank you, thank you and thank you... 
K. Bates, NY

I just received my third order from you and I have to say you have perfected every single scent in all of the items I have ever bought. Thank you so much for my free gift :) You are now and always will be my forever candle place!!!! 
Fran G

I have ordered tarts from you last year and just recently ordered some oils to try. I’m in love with each and every one I bought and so are my friends and family! Your tarts and oils are right on to the scents they are listed to be! I have a favor to ask though; can you make a Chocolate Cookie one? I would love to have that. I have tried one from another place but it was too citrus and tootsie roll smelling for me. Looking forward to ordering again from you!   LOVE Kayloma Candles!!! 
Fran G

I just wanted to give some feedback here, since I've been a longtime customer and haven't taken the time to do so. I must say, firstly, that there are soooo many good scents, that it would be hard to narrow it down to just a few, and that is one of my favorite things about Kayloma tarts....the variety! I like variety as I'm sure my orders will reflect. Your candle/tarts are strongly scented and don't give me a headache like some candles do. I like the wax you use as well, as it comes out of my burners very clean and easy. The mulled cider will always be one of my favorites, but I enjoy fragrances from all the categories! Thank you for always getting my orders right and fast! Forever a customer,as long as you're pouring! 
Christie Curry

this is my third order of this scent. Because I burn these every day when I work in my home, I'm addicted...so, I need MORE. Oh, how I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEE your candles. and, oh, remember, these need to be shipped UPS (the brown truck......so, please let me know if you need more monies for shipping. hope all is well with you.......I LOVE your candles...I really AM addicted.........and YES, these are WAY better than CHOCOLATE. this Christmas SCENT I just might burn all year around because it is just so strong and loverely!!! and, oh, my little HUNTER, my little Westie - loves your scents, too. 
Elizbeth Armstrong, Columbus, Ohio

I received your wonderful chunky melts, and a candle for Christmas this year. I don't like to order online. I called to find out where I could purchase your items in Nebraska. I am disappointed that I can’t buy your products from a Retailer store.  I love your products. 
someone who loves your candles & melts

OMG love the Ultimate Vanilla Tarts, had them in my burner when my sister came over. She wants some, told her those were mine. Everyone who enters my house thinks I am baking cakes or something. Thank you so much for the Christmas Gift. I love them, they are the best. 
Your Mail Lady, West Virginia

Still loving all your aromatic products....was a bit disappointed to open the box this time and not find the :black bag: with the free item in it. Sometimes I'm more excited about that, then what I ordered! I get excited in finding out what flavor: you have chosen. Maybe an oversight; but just thought I would let you know. Have a Beautiful Holiday!
Diane Ogg

Of all the candles I have bought and burned over the years (and I'm 63), I have NEVER had ANY tarts retain their fragrance as long as yours. Recently used the Clove and LOVE IT! Have burnt in my electric tart warmer now for weeks and still have the fragrance! Wonderful while I put up my Christmas tree. Thank you for putting the QUALITY into a product! 
Nancy Sarver, West Virginia

Hello Kayloma
I just received my order and everything was perfect including the scented melts you sent. Also thank you for the extra oil. I just ordered the Cranberry Chutney and it is wonderful!! I am so tired of buying online tarts or candles to find them with no scent. With all my orders, I have never ordered anything from Kayloma that I didn't love. Thank you for caring about all of us out here who love a GREAT SMELLING CANDLE: THANK YOU! 

Hi Linda,
The Package arrived today. It was expertly packaged, thank you, and was undisturbed by Canada Customs .The house is already starting to smell lovely. Thanks so much for the sample tarts, currently I have almond biscotti going in the tart burner .It makes lovely patterns on the wall with the light. I may have found gifts for those hard to buy for lady friends for Christmas. You will definitely be hearing from me again. Thanks for all the tracking information. Doing business with you is a pleasure.
Lucy Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Hello Linda,
It's me again, and it is that time of year to order one of my favorite Christmas scent, Christmas Tree A Victorian Christmas, among a lot of your scents that I love. I do have to tell you, I ran out of tarts, and stopped in and bought Yankee tarts. OMG, that was a mistake, especially after burning your tarts,(you spoil your customers by the way) you can't smell there tarts...I will have to say, your wax candles and tarts are the best, please don't go out of business! Oh! Thanks for giving us an option of oil or tarts when we check out...That is other plus for you guys. I wish I lived near you, or you had a shop here.
Sincerely, Hooked on Kayloma Candles, 
Mary Ann, Bakersfield, California

I talked with you on the phone, and I must say, you were so right about not being disappointed with your melts. I could actually smell them in the box. The UPS man said something smells good. I was so excited with the Jumbo burner that I purchased, it is so nice. The melts fill my room and then some. My husband came home, and thought I was baking a cake or something. That was funny, and he was disappointed I think. His response was that is Melts smelling that good. You have a customer forever.
Love your stuff! 
Bruce, from Hollis, NH

Just received the Midnight Pomegranate order today! You have mastered the scent! It came just in time for me to gear up for my Easter family get together. It will be enjoyed by all! Thanks again and please don't discontinue this scent like BB did!

Hey this is Mike in Texas. I picked up my order at the post office about 10 days ago or so.  I am very pleased with the quality of the tarts. The scents permeate our home and make it smell crisp, and fresh and we have three dogs. Never stop hand making your hand poured tarts. My partner and I will only order from you from now on. So hats off to you we especially liked the amber romance. Thank you for making such a quality product, I tell all my friends and family. Every visitor we have had ask where did you get your tarts. 
Have a great day. Will order more soon.
Michael Harrell

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the free gifts. Wonderful! I was not expecting that. Received the order and will be ordering again. I will be a return customer. They are strong.  I will never go back to Yankee Candles.

Well Hello,
It is the day after thanksgiving and ALL of the JOYS of life and living are NOW, during this season, heightened and magnified - as they SHOULD BE. living life on this ground instituted by those God fearing men of yesteryear is such a GIFT - I think we ALL should kiss the ground outside our front doors at least once, maybe twice this season.....AND, as always, I HAVE to have my home swell with the sweetness of your handiwork. It is because of hard working people like yourself that the holidays can have such a sweet presence in our lives. Thanks for this - my FOURTH order in four MONTHS!!! And remember - JOY is this dance we do because we are ALL SO BLESSED. As tiny TIM said, so many years ago around his own Thanksgiving table.....'GOD BLESS US EVERYONE'. Smile. 
Signed - this Kayloma candle Junkie in Ohio 

I recently ordered your loss of dog bereavement angel. My friends were so grateful and loved the angel. It was so very thoughtful of you to send me the thank you for your order tarts. That was so very sweet of you. The tarts smell wonderful and have a long lasting scent. I enjoyed our conversation on the phone. You were so helpful. I plan to tell my family and friends about Kayloma Candles. 
Linda, you are the best!!!
Jan Filipovsky

well - I forgot to order these pumpkin pie spice in my last order. As I write - I’m burning one of these candles and I just cannot GET ENOUGH of these wonderfully sweet additions to my home. Whelp - I guess I cannot stay AWAY. In the last three weeks I’ve order THREE times. Smile. I’ll walk thru malls and see candles being sold all over the place - and I almost LAUGH - under my breath - and say underneath my laughter......'those candles are, well, junk, compared to Kayloma!!!! Thus, I have perfect discipline and control when I walk away from such displays because I know when I get home I have the BEST candles in the WORLD in my closet. Thanks again for all your hard work - it DOES make a difference in this world.......well, because, you guys make our homes wonderful havens for beauty and peace against such an evil world. 
Keep creating and I’ll keep buying!!!!!!! 
Elizabeth - Worthington, OH

I cannot go thru a fall/winter season without ordering from you. This time I'm FINALLY going to dive in and order the tarts. I know I will LOVE them because your scents are the BEST on planet earth. And oh, I'm come back again closer to Christmas so my home can be joyfully reflecting the holiday magic thru SCENT!!!!! i know there are a kzillion places on this internet to order candles and sweet smelling aromas. But NONE, NONE, NONE will ever match your workmanship, quality and most important that 'delightful....ah, this smells so cozy and wonderful' sort of aroma that makes my house a TRUE house BEAUTIFUL HOME. You are hands down - THE BEST. And, oh, thank you, Lord, for our sense of smell. How dull and lifeless that world would be without our acknowledgement of BEAUTIFUL SCENTS. Smile. Signed 
this ART JUNKIE and candle lover in Ohio
Elizabeth - Worthington, OH


It was great talking with you, it was really nice talking with someone about your scents. Thanks! I received my order for my Christmas candles, & fall candles...I LOVE EVERYONE OF THEM! The Fall Harvest, Pumpkin Pie Spice, and Home for Christmas is wonderful. Oh! You were right about the Christmas tree scent. Wonderful! Thanks again for taking the time to help me choose such wonderful scents. My friends & family love the scents as well, so you will be getting more orders.
Love your stuff
Brenda Robinson, Washington State

Hey Linda,
I am so sorry I haven`t gotten back to you sooner. Busy with work but anyway, I wanted to thank you for the tarts you sent. They are wonderful and smell awesome. 
The only tarts I have ever used were the ones from Yankee candles. These do not compare at all. They are so much better and oh the different scents. One can go crazy!! My friends loved the loss of dog bereavement angel.
They said she was beautiful. They were so grateful and I thank you for the prompt service and shipping. I hope all is well with you. keep in touch and I’ll talk to you soon
Jan Filipovsky

I ordered 2 plug in warmers last week. I am in love with them. My friends and family said they were beautiful as well. The tarts were a wonderful, unexpected gift. Thank you! So today, I am ordering 2 more plug-in warmers for 2 other rooms. My experience with Kayloma Candles has been nothing less than 100% satisfaction!!! My package came sooner than I expected, neatly and safely packed! 
You should think about making a fan page on Facebook.
I plan to rave about Kayloma all over Facebook!
Kudos to Kayloma Candles!
Patty Tahaney
Levittown, NY

Just received my first candle order and had to order more. I love the old fashion cake. Mmmmmm. And the gingerbread really smells like the real thing. My husband came home and wanted to know where the cake was. LOL. 
Pauline Woodall
Morgantown, WV

Good Morning Kayloma,
I received my order yesterday; candles were just as you described them. When I placed my order you advised me there may be a delay, because of the volume of orders to be processed. However, my order came through in record time, and with careful packaging the candles were in excellent condition. I have already started burning the Apothecary Glass Lid candle, and the clove aroma is great. The pillar candle has such an interesting outside finish and looks great in my Christmas arrangement. Needless to say a very satisfied customer in Georgia, and you are a great merchant to deal with.
Thanks for the excellent service.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Freda, Georgia

Linda & Norm,
We absolutely love your candles and tarts, as well as the tart burners (we have 4 from Kayloma Candles), you will have a customer for life. 
I will NOT waste my money and buy candles anywhere else. I have received other candles as gifts and they don't come even close in comparison. We feel very comfortable burning your candles especially now with our little girl due in one month, we know she will be safe from harsh chemicals with your candles. Thank you again for your flexibility with the store hours for us. 
Kara and Roy Short
St. Albans, WV

Linda & Norm
It was great talking to you on the phone. I am so glad you went over your candle scents with me. Your husband is really nice, you guys are the best, and just don't find people like you anymore. Anyway, love your candles, tarts, wonderful service. The free gifts and the package were packed so nice. I love the new labels! My kids come to visit me now, as you know I smoke, with that Gain candle, you can't even tell I smoke anymore, that is a really strong candle. My kids come over now more often, the first time they came over they thought I quit smoking the house smelled so good. I sure know that is the best candle ever. Anybody that wants a candle to take care of cigarette smoke you will need Island Fresh Gain. Thanks Linda
Kelly McGinnis
Santa Clara, CA

We tried your candles in small, we tried your tarts, we FEEL IN LOVE with your candles and tarts. Everything is Wonderful! You have a customer for life; I have order 3 times this month alone. I will never waste my money on any other candle products. Love your free tarts! The orange chiffon cakes, the ultimate vanilla, are to die for. Thank you, thank you for selling a Great product. Don't ever stop selling these. 
Thanks again, Sarah Coleman
Coral Springs, FL

Kayloma Candles
I recently ordered the Lang Home electric simmer pot on line, and I was so really surprised at how well your items are packaged. The thank you tarts were so sweet as they were placed in a bag with a thank you seal. I really pay attention to detail and yours was wonderful.
Everyone is really cutting back lately, however I will definitely be ordering from your on-line store in the future. 
Thanks again, Candy Day
Brownsville, Pennsylvania

Kayloma Candles
I have bought from quite a few different people and places and no one has compared to these! If you are shopping for tarts you have found the store you are looking for. The products never and I do mean never seem to lose their scent. Which is something you CAN NOT say about all the others?  DO NOT waste your money buying from anyone else. You may find products a little cheaper elsewhere if you look but you won't find better! This product and the people have earned all my scented needs business.
Try them and I bet they will yours too. In these tough times it was a very pleasant surprise to truly get what you pay for.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Neal Welborne

Kayloma Candles
I recently ordered tarts from your web site and it is the best!
It is well organized, easy to work from, the selection, fragrance and service is suburb. There are so many great scents to choose.  Makes it difficult to choose. The tarts are very aromatic and fill the room with a true scent.
They burn well in my new tart burner I had also purchased from your site and am extremely satisfied with that also.
Again, many thanks for making such wonderful products.
Norwood, MA
Christine Flynn

Well Hohoho!!!My Company is Simply Skin
Licensed Esthetican
Prom & Bridal Makeovers ~ 803-238-9554
You would think Santa had come early if you'd stepped in my home a few days ago!! Just try Santa's Pipe you'll know why. Absolutely Fantastic! Oh and did I mentioned... it was just a small piece I broke off a tart??
LOL! What are you waiting for? 
Give her a JINGLE!!
South Carolina

I received my order today. First, thank you for the free gifts! It was a wait to receive them, but well worth it. You sure can't buy or find a candle like this in Hawaii. Your candle is just a beautiful candle, I can't say enough about your products. You need to put those candles in stores! I have order online from several companies and I am glad I ordered from you, will order again. The scent is FANTASTIC! Scent to the bottom of the jar. The tarts smell up our rooms...Thanks again, love your candles, and don’t go out of business! We have found our candle source, Kayloma Candles. 
Haiku, Hawaii

Yes, I wanted to let you know that your tarts and candles are the best candles I have ever burned. No black soot! My kids stopped by to visit and they could not believe that I had been smoking in the house. The house smells wonderful! I love each and every one of the scents I have ordered, Orange Chiffon Cake is out of this world. I love the Cinnamon Bun....Thanks so much for the free gifts! Oh! I will never buy another Yankee Candle after burning your candles. 
Christina Banyard
Lambertville, New Jersey

Hi Linda,
I just wanted to say how AWSOME these candles are, nice strong scent from start to finish. Since I have been buying Kayloma candles I have not even thought about buying candles from anywhere else!! Thanks Linda for the AWSOME candles.

Linda & Norm,
Gosh! I was blown away with the candles & tarts I received from you. I have wasted money so many times for online orders. But I must say I have NEVER bought tarts or candles that are so strong. I hope you never go out of business. I love all the scents that I received in my orders, & you sent us free gifts. The Old Fashion Cake, and Almond Biscotti is the Bomb! You have so many scents to choose from, all that I ordered was Wonderful, and the samples are the same.
Thanks Again! Sidney

Hi Linda,
I received your package on Dec 19.I love the oil burner, it is so cute. I also love the scented tarts you sent. I will be ordering more scents from you in the New Year. Thank you so much for getting the package out to me so quickly and for the great service. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Linda & Norm
Just want to thank you for your great products. The tart burner is beautiful and the tarts are strong and smell wonderful. You have a customer for life. I already have friends and co-workers looking on your site. Thank you Linda for your quick response back to my questions and the free tarts you included in my order. Keep up the good work!
Daphne R.

Don't apologize, please. I've been out of town and just returned this evening. Your items are worth the wait!

Dear Linda & Norm
I'm writing to thank you for your excellent service; I recently discovered your site while I was searching the web trying to find Abercrombie & Fitch's original fragrance for women. I absolutely love that scent and they discontinued it a few years back, I was so upset :( and have been going crazy trying to find it. When I learned that you reproduce that scent I knew immediately I would become a Kayloma candle shopper for life! I can't even begin to explain how happy you've made me, and when I got my package and found the free gifts you sent along with my order, it just put it over the top for me. Thank you so much. I'm going to spread the word about your excellent company and your huge selection of products.
Thanks Again,
Beth Kesselring (New Jersey)

I received my Smelly Jellies today and I could smell them through the box! I appreciate your thoughtfulness letting me know about the delay, which wasn't a problem with me. I've been out of town the past three days so the delay was a blessing. Take care and stay warm! Thanks, again (especially for the sample tarts...I could eat the Coconut Cocoa!

Sorry to hear of your mom's passing. I know how that feels. They say time heals all wounds ~ some don't heal, just get better. I love the smell of your candles! And I will be ordering some soon. What a nice surprise to open the package and have such great smells coming out of the box!

I received my order a couple of days ago and I'm so impressed! I can see I'm going to need to buy more of the Pink Sugar Fragrance Oil. I will go through my 2 bottles very quickly. The candles are awesome, too.
Many thanks,
Lisa Matcyk (Canada)

Hi Linda
Actually I LOVED the campfire smoke!  If crackling firewood is even stronger, that's GREAT! The stronger and more authentic as far as a fireplace scent, the better. I've looked high and low for candles that smelled like this, but they always fell short. Either the scent was too weak or it just didn’t smell like a fireplace. As I said before, you have a steady customer now with your wonderful candles! Thanks, God bless, and I can't wait to try this new candle!

Dear Linda & Norm
I am writing to thank you for your excellent service.  I recently discovered your site while I was searching the web trying to find Abercrombie & Fitch's original fragrance for women. I absolutely love that scent and they discontinued it a few years back, I was so upset :( and have been going crazy trying to find it. When I learned that you reproduce that scent I knew immediately I would become a Kayloma candle shopper for life! I can’t even begin to explain how happy you’ve made me, and when I got my package and found the free gifts you sent along with my order, it just put it over the top for me. Thank you so much. I’m going to spread the word about your excellent company and your huge selection of products. Thanks again.
Beth Kesselring (New Jersey)

Hi Linda
Yes, I had a real nice Christmas. I'm so sorry to hear of your Mother passing. My Mother passed away this past August, the day after my birthday. Christmas wasn't the same without her. I will order candles in a couple of weeks. No, I haven't received the Coconut Cocoa or Almond Cake. I'm stuck on the Almond Biscotti...I absolutely LOVE it! More of my favorites are Sweet Pea, Honeydew Melon, Lilac, and Honeysuckle. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, too!

I am from New York, and was at the school for a track meet. I went into the locker room & it smell so good. Fresh and clean just like they had just cleaned from top to bottom. It was your scent, so I wrote the information down & ordered your Tide. I will be a new customer for life.
Amy Perkins
Webster, New York

Linda, could you send me a sample of baby magic and downy vanilla lavender? I LOVE your tarts....obviously!!!
Spokane, WA

I received my package today, and I want to thank you for the free scented melts. They are wonderful & very strong. They all smell so good. I will never buy another Yankee Candle again. I was hooked and spending high dollars for Yankee tarts & candles. I am so glad that I found your product. I love the Island Fresh Gain, Tide,         and Ultimate Vanilla.
Debra Hall
Canyon Country, CA

Linda, I found you two years ago & only buy your scented candles & scented tarts. Tyler loves the Blueberry Cobbler tarts; he wants to taste it because it smells so good. My favorite is Eternity in the tarts & Christmas Vanilla Cake. My husband is hooked also, he has a tart burner at the Fire Department and he burns your scented tarts too.
I used to buy at Yankee & Bath & Body, but not anymore, I love your Herbal Lotions & sprays. Oh! I love the Aquolina Pink Sugar Tarts; I burn every night in my bedroom.
Jennifer Adkins
West Virginia

I am from New York, & was at my Son's School today. When I walked into the locker room it smelled                                                like it had just been cleaned. The scent was so refreshing. It was an air freshener. Found your web site and called and order some Tide. I love it.
Mary Nelson.
Webster, New York

I am a Hospice Nurse and one of my patients uses your Aquolina Pink Sugar. I LOVE IT!
Reba B.
Hurricane, WV

What can I say other than these tarts are the absolute best I have ever purchased. Yankee can't compare in any way! Thanks!
Michelle C.
Spokane, WA

I am a candle freak and have tried just about every brand, and I have to say that yours are THE BEST!  They smell so close to the real scent and look so beautiful when burning. I just discovered your website and I will never walk into a Yankee Candle store again!!Even when they are not melted they still leave a lingering scent in the room. This comes from a more than satisfied customer.
Terri P.
Bowie, Maryland

I love your Aquolina pink sugar body & linen spray. I have had a million complements from just about everyone I come in contact with. It is now my #1 favorite scent.  I wear it every day. Also, your service is excellent- I ordered on Tuesday and had my package by Friday. Thank you so much!!!!
Heather Demuro
Virginia Beach, VA

I love my village tart warmers. Thank you so much for opening your door to me on your day off. The tarts smell wonderful and last for several days. I enjoyed talking with you and your hubby. I live in Mechanicsville VA but will only buy your tarts from now on. You have a life time customer. I am looking forward to visiting your store in the future.
Vickie Bryant
Mechanicsville, VA

You guys are simply amazing. Kayloma has quality products.  You have extremely fast service. And free samples enclosed in a lovely envelope. Never will I buy any candle-related but from you.
Thank You!
Evelyn D. Rockaway,
New Jersey

I received my order today. Thank you. Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.
Vanessa R.
St. John's, Antigua

Yes I am very pleased with my order. As a matter of fact the basket I bought was for a gift and I liked it so much that I decided to keep it for myself. I love the soap, I only wish I would have known about it earlier in the winter then I wouldn't have had to battle dry skin so much. I have never gotten so many compliments as what I have on the oil that you sent; I also like it because even though others can smell it I can't. I am sure that my sister-in-law & daughter-in-law will like the soaps and salts as much as I do. As far as scents I would like to try the patchouli/raspberry, coconut lime verbena and I like anything with berries or melons. I have the tea light tart burner but not the electric but I already have 2 picked out from your site. Thanks for everything.
Kelly N.
West Virginia

Karsyn will be so excited about her pink sugar. I bought the Gain for Mom. I gave her the last Gain candle and she LOVED it so much. She has a huge living room, and it smelled her whole living room up. Her living room is about 40ft x 30ft and it takes a lot to make it smell. She has put the plug-ins all around, tried the machine that someone made that you put the scent discs in. None of those smelled it up as good as one of your candles. So that impressed her. I printed off all the scents for her last week so that she can pick some more.
Julie Garcia

These candles are 5 STAR all the way. Linda is a gem to do business with and when my package arrived, I found it packed to perfection which means a lot to me. Opening it was like opening presents on Xmas day. Linda’s labels are classy and elegant and the wax, whatever she does to it is GORGEOUS. I haven't encountered any others like this and I am a candle freak with dozens of other candles around the house. They all take a back seat to Kayloma. Customer service and turnaround time was SPEEDY too and these candles burn very clean, better than my other candles I have from other companies.
You can't go wrong with Kayloma. Classy, elegant top notch all the way. Even Linda's website is beautiful!
Great scent selection too!
Suzie P.

I just wanted to thank everyone at Kayloma Candles for your excellent service, and wonderful products. I look forward to doing more business with you, and will definitely be spreading the word about you to my friends and family. Thank you again for everything.
Jennifer Rhoades

Linda: I got the candles early last week and they are GREAT! Excellent quality, and thank you so much for the generous samples. I will definitely be ordering again.

I received my order, and I must tell you how impressed I am with your customer service, shipping time and quality of the candles/scents.
I will definitely be ordering from you again once I burn what I just received.
Thank you,

Linda, much to my wife's disappointment we've not been able to enjoy candles, because I've always had this odd allergy to burning paraffin. Even in fine restaurants and such, I have to put any table candle somewhere away from me. I received my soy candle order and enjoyably, I've had no adverse reactions to them - there really is a huge difference!
Thank you for your quality product!
Phil Molzen
Las Vegas, NV

Your candles are great. I used to buy candles and the scent was gone in 2 days. I would not think of buying any other candles. I have bought a lot of candles and none can compare to your candles.
Mary Jane Bragg
Liberty WV.

They are the ONLY candles I will purchase! They are GREAT!! They smell wonderful and burn evenly - I wouldn't buy any other candle since using these!!
Leah Brown

My mother buys candles from you all at Alford pools, so I thought I would try some of hers. There great! So I will be buying them now. Good Luck!
Chris Wooten
West Virginia

I have lived less than a mile away from you for 4-5 years and never knew that you made candles until recently. When you opened your store I absolutely fell in love with all of your candles & tarts. They last much longer than any other I have ever used and the candles burn so clean. I have brought friends and family to your store and all have been amazed at the wonderful products that you have to offer. My 12 year old daughter even tells me that she loves the scents (she’s partial to Cranberry Burst) and her friends love coming into her room because it smells so good. Out of all the fragrances, my favorite still has to be Strawberry & Wine. There will be no other candle in this house except for yours!! Keep up the excellent work!!!
St. Albans, WV


Stumbled upon your site...so glad I did. I'll be back soon, as your candles sound wonderful!!

I am one of your biggest candle fans. I burn candles every single day at home, they make me feel good and my home smells great. I also love the aromatherapy tarts, the fragrance lasts forever, and they seem to calm my son, who has autism. I know that there are candle stores everywhere, but none compare to your candles. Count me as one of your most loyal customers.
Kimberly, Tucson, AZ
PS Can't beat the customer service either

We love your candles, they are wonderfully scented, they burn even, and they are the cleanest burning candles we have ever seen. We sell a lot of different top brand name candles in our store, and we will have to put your Candles right to the top as being one of the best. We liked them so well that now we sell them in our gift shop. We are glad that the Country Sampler Magazine sent you are way, I also enjoy talking to you and we have become very good business friends. A very nice website, you are doing a great job Linda with your candles, we love them here at Abigail's and highly recommend your candles.
Bettigail Dyche

I just wanted to say how much I love your candles. My favorite Candle is Blueberry Cobbler. I can't get enough of it. I find that the tarts are very nice in my car. I leave them in a baggy and when I get in it smells like fresh blueberries. I like your other scents as well, but that is my favorite. I think your candles surpass 'Yankee Candles'. I have smelled your scents and the same scents at Yankee, and yours is a lot better. Keep up the good work and when I come to WV, I will be by your shop to buy. Thanks again.
Debbie Wilkinson, Virginia Beach, Va

I love the candles - and I love Linda! Great person - great friend!!!
Roger S.
South Charleston, WV

Thank you for sending me a candle to try. I am so glad that I found your company, your candles and tarts are fabulous. I have been burning your cranberry burst tart in my aroma burner for a month and it is still making my whole house smell wonderful. Keep making those candles and tarts. Thank you

I use both your tarts and your candles, it's hard to decide what scent to get, and they all are so good. Even after you stop burning the tarts or candles the scent lingers in your home for a long time. They are the best candles I have ever used. I did all my Christmas shopping at your gift shop, and it sure made shopping easy, since most all on my list wanted your Candles. I will not use any candle but yours. I am going to do all my Christmas Shopping at your Gift Shop.
Sarah Hancock
February 4th 2005
West Virginia

They are by far the best candles I have ever used. Not only do they smell great, but they burn clean, never will you see black smoke. I have never found any that compare!!!!!
The tarts are great too!!!!!!
Patty Akers
Cross Lanes, WV

I bought one of your Candles about 1years ago, I am in college at Marshall. Lemon Grass & Orange Scent is great! Your Blueberry Cobbler candle smells sooo real?
Karen K.
Huntington, WV

: smelled your Blueberry Cobbler candle at my aunt's home for the first time, and I knew I had to have one. Your candles burn to the bottom of the jar and no soot.:
Vickie Brown
West Virginia

Your candles are simply delightful. I have purchased several and I love them all. Thanks for creating and sharing such a wonderful product.
West Virginia

It is very hard to find a great smelling and long lasting candles. Your product is Great! I love the labels too!!!:
Margie, Ohio

Husband and I received a Candle for Christmas. (Hot Baked Apple Pie) I have bought a lot of different brands of candles and none compare to yours. On our way home, we didn't know at the time, but we couldn't figure out what we were smelling, till it dawned on us that your candles and tarts were in the truck, the fragrance filled my car. I love your candles!:

I am a teacher, and I received a candle from one of my students. The fragrance was Homespun. I LOVE YOUR candles! I am hooked on the Homespun Scent.:
Julie S.
West Virginia

My mom goes on and on about all of the neat scents you have and how much she enjoys them. If we come for a visit, we'll probably be in to see you. Thank you!:
Kristine L.
St. Albans, WV

NOTHING compares to your candles...I have been buying now for 5 years, I think maybe I was one of the first to try them when you first started in 2000.:
Cyndi S.

We love your candles, and your Tarts last forever, never had tarts that smell and last so long!!
Your candles smell fantastic!
Kelly S.
Jonesboro, Arkansas

My daughter gave me one of your candles and I was so pleased with it. It's the Cranberry Burst Candle. The scent goes all over the house.
Janie D., Seguin

I am hooked on your candles! I love your Gift Shop.:
Jimmy H.
St. Albans, WV

I bought a Banana Nut Bread Candle & Blueberry Cobbler candle at a Fair in Union, West Virginia. The aroma was wonderful!: I do hope that you will be back. It was Farmer's Day!
Lewisburg, WV

I received your candle from your company recently as a gift and found it better than any other candle.:
Linda S.
West Virginia