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Shop by Scent

We have a great collection of Seasonal scents including Bakery & Food, Christmas & Holidays, Clean & Fresh, Fall & Autumn, Floral & Flower, Fruit, Musk, Spring & Summer, Tropical & Beach, Designer Fragrance scents for you to choose from our list.

All of our candles, tarts, scent shots, chunky melts are made in the USA by KayLoma Candles. We also use uncut fragrance oils. So check out each category scent below, click each scent and this will give you all our wax products, scent descriptions of each product we manufacture right here in the USA. Scented Candles, Wax Melts, Scented Tarts. KayLoma offers over 380 scents.

All of our fragrance oils are uncut. Read our reviews and testimonials.

ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: When your order is ready for shipment a label will be generated from UPS or USPS and an email will be sent to you. Please open the email and you will find a tracking number for your package. You also need to check your spam mail daily if you do not see it in your regular email.

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