Clean Scents

Clean Scents

Clean Scents - KayLoma Clean Candle Scents. Collection of Clean Scents and Fresh Scents, you will love our new line of scented candles, and scented melts. We are sure you will enjoy the fresh clean smell of Agree soap, Camay soap, Coast is a really nice clean fresh scent. Our Ivory soap scented candles, Dove scented melts or scented tarts. Caress scented candles and melts. Our big request is Caress, now you will love the fresh scent of a Caress scented candle. Kayloma has a large Collection of Soap, Fresh Clean & Soap Scents to choose from our selection. We hope you enjoy your visit & our classic collection of our clean & fresh candle scents, and come back soon!
Agree Type Fresh from the shower, like the classic soap.

Baby Magic Just like the popular baby magic baby wash. This is an awesome scent!

Baby Powder Nice fresh clean scent just like the lotion. This is another top seller for Kayloma Candles.

Bamboo and Green Tea Soothing citrus fragrance with pungent and dry tones that brings green tea leaves together with bergamot, mandarin and jasmine followed by the enveloping aromas of black currant and pomegranate.

Butt Naked Sweet fruity delightful notes of watermelon and cherry lead the way, let your mind do the rest.

Camay Type A clean fragrance reminding you of fresh bath. Remember using Camay when you were little, a wonderful clean fragrance.

Caress Type One of my favorite soaps when I was growing up. Clean, fresh floral scent, just clean from a nice hot bath.

Citronella The sharp, unmistakable scent of outdoor candles with an astringent quality terrific for keeping the mosquitoes at bay.

Coast Type Fresh from the shower, like the classic wakeup soap, now you can have your candles, melts or tarts.

Dove Fresh from the shower, like the classic beauty soap.

Downy April Fresh Smell that unforgettable smell of Downy original scent of springtime air blends of a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Downy Lavender Vanilla Enjoy the familiar, rich, soft and relaxing scent of Downy and experience the natural essential oils of lavender, orange, and vanilla for unique, natural fresh scent.

Downy Water Lily Jasmine Warm woodland notes and luxurious blended musk underscore for the floral blend. Fresh watery tones lead to the rich floral heart of this peaceful fragrance. Jasmine and lily blend with fresh green leafy inflections and hints of peach for the bouquet signature.

Eucalyptus The strong, pungent scent of eucalyptus is like no other scent in the world, but close to a true menthol. It's an eye-opener.

Febreze Top notes are Apple and Plumeria, middle notes Lavender, Hawaiian Ginger, Hibiscus and frangipani. Base notes, Orchid and Rose.

Fresh Water Cucumber Green melon, wild flowers & jasmine with middle notes of lily & violet. Bottom notes cashmere & musk.

Gain This is a very nice scent if you like Gain. We have Island Fresh Gain, but this one is more like the orginal type.

Island Fresh Gain Best Seller! Highly requested scent! The wonderful aroma of Gain Island Fresh Fabric Softener. Smells just like an ocean breeze on a tropical island. Top notes followed by fresh greenery, lavender, vanilla, rose , jasmine, and melon, with bottom notes of fresh air. One of the freshest scents you will ever smell.

Ivory Type This fragrance is fresh from the shower like the classic floating soap. Now you can have your candles, lotions and creams, or even oil created with this popular old time favorite scent!

Lavender Vanilla Lavender fans will enjoy this relaxing blend of floral scents highlighted by the rich buttery aroma of vanilla.

Lemon Grass Wonderful aroma of fresh cut lemongrass with a hint of green herbal notes.

Lemon Grass and Orange A fresh clean combination of lemon grass and bold notes of orange. This is a strong scent for any room. One of our biggest sellers.

Lemon Grass and Sage A combination of grass notes and a touch of lemony zip. A nice balance of sharp and soothing.

Lick Me All Over This one is too hot to describe. You will love this one, the name says it all.

Midnight Vanilla This fragrance is the ultimate in vanilla, imagine taking a bath in warm relaxing water with Sinful Vanilla all over you. Want an exciting night?

Oatmeal Milk and Honey The wheat oatmeal scent with warm cream and soothing honey. This scent is one of our top sellers. Sweet, little almond, one of our favorites. Inviting scent!

Pink Sugar Sweet smelling cotton candy, red fruit, fig leaves, caramel & raspberry sweet Vanilla musk, Lily of the Valley and more. Very sexy, delicious, and scrumptious all in one with this scent.

Satin Sheets Satin Sheets: Kayloma's Blend-Clean fresh scent in the air, Papaya extract and aloe Vera, a touch of sweetness in the air. Combined with just a hint of sweet orange and pineapple on a dry down of musk.

Smoke Odor Eliminator A combination of citrus notes from blending lemons & oranges with strong green cut grass notes that eliminates odors. This is the odor terminator!

Snuggles Snuggles top notes of lily of the valley and violet, leading to balsamic notes, and finishes with base notes of lavender, gardenia, and amber.

Tide This fragrance brings back college days in the dorm. If you like the fresh scent of tide you will love this scent.

Ultimate Vanilla House blend from Kayloma, this scent is my number one seller if you love Vanilla.

Warm Vanilla Sugar A base of white flowers sweetened with African vanilla beans, sandalwood and, coconut.