Christmas Scents

Christmas Scents

Triple scented hand poured candles & scented wax melts or wax tarts. Our Christmas scents plus the beauty and elegance of our highly scented candles will look very elegant with any decor for the Christmas Season. We have a wide selection of fragrances for you to choose from. Bayberry an old time favorite with deep green notes. So check our list out and browse our store. We are sure you will find something you like for the Holiday Season.
Amaretto This is a big almond kick. Amaretto has the added richness of the famous liquor.

Bayberry This is a holiday favorite, bayberry is pure Christmas - Deep green notes blended with clean top notes. A wonderful seller for scents for Christmas. Give a Bayberry KayLoma product to a friend. Pure Christmas favorite!.

Candy Cane A sweet peppermint candy cane just in time for Christmas.

Christmas Cheer Christmas in the air with this touch of Orange, Cinnamon Leaf, Clove, Cranberry and Baked Vanilla.

Christmas Morning All the joys of Christmas morning - the pine, the candy canes warmed by the lights, and the bracing hint of snow in the air. Top seller for the Holiday Season.

Christmas Tree All time favorite. Combine Canadian & Siberian fir, enhanced it with wormwood, cinnamon and a hint of wild raspberry and you have a great scent.

Cinnaberries Spicy cinnamon with a blend of rich berry notes.

Country Christmas Country Christmas This Christmas scent is a light spicy, woodsy fragrance of pine mingled with all the fragrance of holiday spices.

Crackling Firewood If you like to smell a wood burning Fire. Just relax in a cozy setting and enjoy your fireplace. This is a wonderful Christmas Scent if you do not have a fireplace.

Fireside This scent will knock your socks off if you like cinnamon, this is for cinnamon lovers. Pure Cinnamon aroma.

Frost Bite A cool refreshing blast of Wintergreen that will chill you to your toes!

Frosty the Snowman / Jack Frost / Name change request Touch of mint, a whisper of sugar and a hint of vanilla combine to create a perfectly refreshing scent! Top Seller!

Holiday Wreath / Christmas Wreath / Name change request No holiday home would be complete without the scent of Holiday Wreath, a vibrant, green, herbal based aroma with crisp pine and spruce top notes.

Hollyberry Blend of yellow, red, and black hollyberries and a hint of clove.

Home For Christmas / Home For The Holidays / Name change request One of Kayloma's favorite Holiday scents. A sweet background with top notes of a spicy cinnamon and clove.

Home Sweet Memories / Home Sweet Home / Name change request A spicy blend of cinnamon and clove with subtle hints of floral rose and ylang ylang.

Mulberry Sweet mulberries mixed with a hint of pine. Great scent for Christmas. This one you will want for a Christmas.

Mulberry Spice A nice fruity bouquet with cinnamon and a hint of orange and just a touch of maple syrup.

Peppermint Mildly spicy, traditional peppermint sprigs that are cooling and sweet at the same time.

Red Hot Cinnamon Those fiery-hot little candies with the big punch. Cinnamon on fire!

Santa's Pipe Smells like cherry tobacco. The nice aroma of your Dad smoking his pipe. I love that smell. Top Seller!

Sizzling Maple Toddy / Hot Maple Toddy / Name change request A rich, sweet maple "toddy" with sweet vanilla and rum at the base.

Sleigh Ride Perfect blend of pine, apple, cinnamon and holly with a splash of vanilla.

Spearmint Refreshing, minty spearmint aroma. Strong, and one of our top sellers!

Tis The Season Golden apples, pine needles and holiday cider blended with a touch of cinnamon.

Victorian Christmas Known to be our #1 holiday fragrance offering clean green pine notes, mid notes of rum fruitcake and top notes of clean soft floral make this the epitome of the holiday aromas. Top Seller, scent for Christmas.

Winter Holiday The rum fruitcake just came out of the oven, with the fresh-baked, spicy fruit aroma mixing with the scent of the flowers on the dining room table.

Winter Ice Ice and snow in the air - so crisp and clear, it crackles. Ice and snow in the air - so crisp and clear, it crackles. With a touch of mint.

Winter Wonderland Wonderful spicy blend of cinnamon, clove and vanilla followed by notes of sweet mulberry, balsam fir and cedar.