Bakery Scents

Bakery Scents

You won’t be disappointed in our Bakery Scents in pie scents, delicious cake scents, down home cookie scents. Bakery wax melts will really add that added touch to a cozy setting around your home. Try our Blueberry Cobbler. Banana Nut Bread, Lemon Cookie is just a few of our top sellers. Our entire bakery scented candles, scented wax melts are all super scented with the finest fragrance on the market. All made here in the USA. We hope you enjoy your visit, browse our store, we are sure you will find the right candle scent just for you. We also offer a wonderful line of tart warmers to go with our scented wax melts and scented chunky melts. Our Bakery scents in our wax products include scented wax melts, candles, scented wax tarts, chunky melts, scent shots, and fragrance oils.
All Spice / Bakery A spicy, aromatic blend of clove, cinnamon, and ginger. Bakery.

Almond The sweet, scent that offers a cherry like top note with a smooth finish. Great in wax melts or candles.

Almond Biscotti This fragrance is positively edible! It is an amazing compilation of all things good, edible and coffee time! With a mixture of toasted almonds, sweet cake flour and drizzled chocolate, this fragrance will have you drooling and wanting to eat pastries!

Almond Coconut / Almond Joy / Name change request Aroma similar to Almond Joy Bar. Chocolate and Coconut.

Banana Nut Bread Creamy banana mixed with warm spice notes with a touch of sugar and walnuts.

Chocolate The ultimate indulgence, without the calories. Rich creamy sweet Chocolate with plenty of cocoa. The ultimate Chocolate aroma. Yum!

Bourbon Toasted Pecan The quaint aroma of sugared pecans, mingled with a fire-roasted Kentucky Bourbon flavor.

Cappuccino Brulee A classic aroma of coffee that is rich creamy vanilla, cinnamon and caramel. A perfect wake-me-up.

Cappuccino Hazelnut Just like that frothy, sweet Hazelnut coffee treat. Been told to lay off the caffeine, well this is the way to do it. It's a creamy, nutty coffee blend.

Cherry Spice This aroma smells like cherries with a hint of spice. It's great to use this scent for all seasons.

Cinnamon This will be your favorite spice. If you like true cinnamon like in grandma's kitchen you will love this scent.

Cinnamon Bun You will love this Cinnamon and sugar with a touch of that wonderful fresh-baked dough aroma and a sweet glaze. This is just like a bakery smell!

Cinnamon Clove A sweet background with top notes of a spicy cinnamon and clove.

Cinnamon Spice The pure intense aroma of freshly ground spices of cinnamon.

Colombian Coffee Wake up to this light, roasted coffee-bean fragrance. Like the finest gourmet coffee, without stopping at Starbucks.

Country Berry Hotcakes Just like mouth watering buttery hotcakes, made perfectly with just the right amount of country berries and drizzled with blueberry syrup. Yummy!

Fudge Brownie They will think you've been baking from scratch. A light, fudge chocolate scent. Very rich.

Hazelnut A true sweet,creamy nutty aroma, milder than almond.

Homespun A delicious fragrant scent with a combination of caramel, nuts and vanilla.This fragrant is one of my best sellers. Hard to keep this one in stock.

Honey Almond Sweet Honey drizzled over almonds.

Hot Baked Apple Pie The aroma of hot baked apple pie sprinkled with cinnamon has been captured in this scent.

Hot Cocoa You will enjoy this Hot Cocoa on a warm winter day, aroma of creamy chocolate.

Hot Orange Danish French vanilla cake with hints of orange aroma like a sweet warm danish roll just out of the oven.

Italian Biscotti An aroma of crispy bold almond cookies, with notes of vanilla and dark chocolate.

Lemon Cookie The perfect combination of sweet and baking. Blend of sugar cookie, lemon and vanilla. I burn in my tart warmer everyday in our Sun-room.

Lemon Verbena Fresh lemons with notes of vanilla and pie crust.

Old Fashion Cake Old Fashion Cake: This is a Kayloma house blend, & one of our most popular scents. Filled with a warm combination of caramel, nuts and warm buttery vanilla. Really makes your home feel like you are visiting your Grandma's for the Holidays. A warm and cozy aroma and one of our most popular scents.

Orange Chiffon Cake French vanilla cake with a orange citrus cream icing.

Pecan Pie Sweet toasted pecans, and brown sugar in a freshly baked crust. How DO they get that pie crust in a jar?

Vanilla Maple Pecan A scrumptious blend of 3 great fragrances, soft and smooth you'll taste the roasted pecans, maple syrup, rich vanilla.

Vermont Maple Syrup This warm mouth-watering scent is created by combining buttery maple notes with fennel, anise and vanilla.

Warm Apple Cobbler The warm apple and spice blend of fresh apple cobbler.

White Cake Sweet, buttery vanilla cake. This is truly the best most wonderful aroma, I think you could be tempted to taste.