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We are known for our triple scented candles, and our clean burn to the bottom of the container. Our Candles & wax melts/tarts are so highly scented that our candle could set on a shelf for seveal years, and still have a strong scent. Our candles are not like some candles that smell good when you first open the lid, and lose their scent after just one burn. We started making candles, because friends and family were tired of buying expensive candles with no scent after the first burn. We use 100% premium fragrance oils in our candles. But most candle companies use less fragrance than the amount you are supposed to use, to save money. We guarantee our candles smell Great! KayLoma is sure you are visiting the right place. We offer wax melts, chunky melts, tarts and much more. Enjoy your visit and we look forward to serving you.