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Top 10 Romantic Scents: Sinfully Chocolate, Scrumptious Vanilla, Mouthwatering Strawberry, Lavender,
Intoxicating Pink Sugar, Exhilarating Blue Musk, Playfully Sex in the Shower, Butt Naked, Strawberry Passion, and Satin Sheets. 12 pack includes, 3 Sinfully Chocolate, Scrumptious Vanilla, Mouthwatering Strawberry, & Intoxicating Pink Sugar.

Candles & melts include romantic scents such as Evening Romance, Sinfully Chocolate, Strawberry Passion and
Cashmere, Cashmere & Silk, Butt Naked, Sex in the Shower, Sex on the Beach, Lick Me All Over. We hope you enjoy your visit and browse our online store. We hand-pour all of our wax products, and mix our perfumes' and bath & body products. Our Triple Scented Candles, melts, wax candle melts have a lasting aroma. Come back and visit soon! Click on pictures to purchase items below!

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Heart shaped melts, Valentine's Day Hearts, & Designer Hearts. In the drop down box you can choose candles, melts, hearts, regular tarts, or body spay. We have seasonal 12 pack or custom packs. Click here to view custom packs. Click here for Seasonal packs.

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Sweet scent that offers a "cherry" like top note with a smooth finish.

Awapuhi Seaberry
Enjoy the hint of floral, melon and berries floating on top of a fresh tropical ocean breeze! A wonderful scent all year long!

Black Cherry
The light rich aroma of juicy Bing Cherries.

Black Cherry Bomb
An addictive aroma with excellent throw. Strong without an overpowering sweetness to it.

Blackberry Vanilla
Scented candles in this beautiful blend of delicious blackberries and rich vanilla for a relaxing bath product or delightful candle.

Bourbon Toasted Pecans
A quaint aroma of sugared pecans, mingled with a fire-roasted Kentucky Bourbon flavor.

Butt Naked
Sweet fruity delightful notes of watermelon & cherry lead the way, let your mind do the rest.

A spiced, sensual fragrance containing exotic musk with touches of white jasmine and Tahitian vanilla bean.

Cashmere & Silk
A soft and sensual bouquet of creamy French vanilla with sandalwood, patchouli, and musk accented by rose, violet, apricot, and creamy coconut milk.

A sweet, delicate scent reminiscent of creme de Cassis liqueur. This fragrance is well balanced by infused black currant notes with sweet, floral notes.

A sweeter, lighter version of our black cherry, more reminiscent of candy.

Cherry Almond
Cherries blended with sweet almond oil. A terrific blend of fruit and nut!

Chocolate (Sinfully)
Surround yourself in chocolate with our collection of chocolate Bath & Body, scented candles & our famous chocolate heart shaped melts.

Tropical, nutty sweetness. Close your eyes and feel the Island breeze while you sip that refreshing sweet coconut milk.

Cucumber Melon
The invigorating scent of cucumber mixed with sweet, juicy melon. A BBW type duplication.

Evening Romance
Mix rich floral with orange, lemon, jasmine & rose topknots, add a background of sandalwood, musk & vanilla for a scent to enhance any evening of romance.

Exhilarating Blue Musk
Spicy and woodsy. A truly classic musk scent from Kayloma Candles.

A dark, musky blend, with spicy floral hints. Embraces warmth & Sensuality.

Fresh from the honey comb. Smells just like the golden syrup. Very sweet, with a hint of orange blossoms.

Honey Almond
Honey drizzled over sweet almonds.

Intoxicating Pink Sugar
This sinfully and scrumptious Scent will make you in the Romantic mood. This is our number one top seller in scented candles, scented heart shaped tarts, body lotion, cologne and perfume. Sweet smelling cotton candy, red fruit, fig leaves, caramel & raspberry sweet Vanilla musk, Lily of the Valley and more. Very sexy, delicious, and scrumptious all in one with this scent.

A heavy white floral that's not overpowering. A bright oriental feel to it, rather mysterious. This is very popular in many perfume blends.

Jasmine Vanilla
Light aroma of summer Jasmine with a vanilla background. If you like Vanilla you will love this scent!

Lick Me All Over
This one is too hot to describe. You will love this one, the name says it all.

Clean, Crisp, Refreshing Citrus Scent. Think fresh squeezed lime, triple sec, and tequila!! A must have for your scent collection!

Midnight Rose
A more mysterious rose, wrapped in incense. Roses on an oriental night

Midnight Vanilla
This fragrance is the ultimate in vanilla, imagine taking a bath in warm relaxing water with Sinful Vanilla all over you. Want an exciting night.

Moonlight Path
A sensual women's fragrance infused with lavender, violets and light musk.

Mouthwatering Strawberry
Enjoy the rich pleasant smell of ripe strawberries with notes of cotton candy . This fragrance is wonderful in candles, soap and bath products. A Valentine theme in Strawberries.

Naked in the Woods
The scent of Sun-Warmed Figs, Italian Bergamot and White Tea Leaves is entwined with notes of Jasmine, Sweet Heliotrope and Sandalwood enveloping the wearer in the warmth of the Woods.

Oatmeal Milk & Honey
The wheat oatmeal scent with warm cream and soothing honey. This scent is one of our top sellers. Sweet, little almond, one of our favorites. Inviting scent!

Passion Fruit
Appealing, guava like scent, but a little more tart, with a light floral top note.

Passionate Kisses
Sweet fruity combination of orange, lemon & cherries, with a floral aroma of jasmine & violets on a mild musky background. Top Seller

Pink Sands
Exotic Island blend of citrus, sweet floral, and spicy vanilla.

Pink Watermelon
The aroma a fresh, crisp watermelon with a feminine twist! Truly unique! pink watermelon aroma begins with top notes of watermelon and strawberry, followed by middle notes of jasmine, rose, and green notes; sitting on base notes of cassis, oak moss, white woods, and vanilla

Sangria White Peach
This sparking fragrance is a wonderful blend of red wine with slices of ripe peach and juicy orange, just like the drink.

Satin Sheets
Kayloma house blend of clean fresh scent in the air. Papaya extract and aloe Vera, touch of sweetness in the air. One of our most popular scent.

Scrumptious Vanilla
This blend of Vanilla is the best. It is like you could just about eat the candle. A strong vanilla scent, with sweet sugar.

Sweet Pea
Delicate scent of sweet peas along the garden fence. Very feminine and old fashioned, with a peachy undertone.

Sex in the Shower
A blend of orange, cherry, peach, pineapple & vanilla. Top Seller.

Sex on the Beach
Orange juice, cranberry juice, peach schnapps. This one will take you away for a nice evening of Romance.

Shea Cashmere
African shea butter scent with luxurious cashmere extract with a hint of vanilla.

Strawberry Passion
Enjoy the rich pleasant smell of ripe Strawberries with notes of cotton candy and. This fragrance is wonderful in candles, soap and bath products. A Valentine theme in Strawberries.

Strawberry & Wine
A nice mixture of sweet strawberries and fresh, ripe, Merlot fruit.

Rich vanilla scent combined with a touch of sandalwood and coconut (BBW duplicate)

Tahitian Vanilla
A delicate, light, floral musk. Top notes of lily of the valley. Mid notes of jasmine. musk and vanilla form the base.

Tropical Cooler
Pull up a patio chair, a tall glass and a straw! This refreshingly cool, fruity scent will sooth you on a hot summer day with just a splash of citrus.

Vanilla Rose
The creamy richness of vanilla poured over the rich floral of tea rose.

Warm Vanilla Sugar
A base of white flowers sweetened with African vanilla beans, sandalwood and, coconut.

Special Day
A sophisticated blend of fruits, floral blossoms & greens. Top Seller

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