Candles By Kayloma offers over 550 fragrances. Bakery, Food, Fruity, Clean, Fresh, Musk, Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall, Autumn, Musk, Christmas, all occassions!

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Candles By Kayloma offers over 550 fragrances to choose from for all your candle needs. Bakery, Food, Fruity, Clean, Fresh, Musk, Summer, Spring, Winter, Fall, Autumn, Musk, Christmas, all occassions! You will not find candles anywhere that are scented like ours. Read our testimonial's. Kayloma Candles has repeat customers who are loyal to our products since 2000. You will not buy in a store anywhere in the United States. We are not going to cut our amounts of oils for each candle to make money selling wholesale.

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Fresh from the shower, like the classic soap, now you can have your candles, incense, lotions and creams, bath salts, or even body oil created with this popular commercial scent!

African Rain
Just kick back and smell the fragrance in this scented candle.A powerful aroma of a tropical rainforest & lush floral drenched in warm rain.

This bakery scented candle is sweet, this scent that a "cherry" like top note with a smooth finish. You will love this bakery scent.

Almond Biscotti
Another great bakery scent. This scented candle or scented tart is to die for. This fragrance is positively edible! It is an amazing compilation of all things good, edible and coffee time! With a mixture of toasted almonds, sweet cake flour and drizzled chocolate, this fragrance will have you drooling and wanting to eat pastries! Because of the cake flour notes.

Coconut Cocoa
This is a true Coconut Cocoa Candy Bar aroma. You can just taste the aroma of chocolate, coconut & almonds.

All Spice
A spicy, aromatic blend of clove, cinnamon, and ginger. This is a top seller for our male customers.

Amaretto scented candle with a kick. Amaretto has the added richness of the famous liquor. This scent will fill your home with a wonderful fragrance.

Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace (Philosophy) Fragrance Truly amazing!This scented candle is our number one selling candle fragrance for Philosophy. A sparkling fresh floral-white musk blend that is an exceptional delicate scent loved by women everywhere.

Our Amber candle is a woodsy, warm and mysterious, with a hint of the orient. Is strong in our scented melts too.

Amber Patchouli
Exotic notes of amber, cinnamon, vanilla, myrrh, neroli and patchouli. This is another top seller for Kayloma Candles.

A Victoria's Secret favorite, seduction of warm alluring blends of black cherry, creme and sandalwood and one of our best seller in scented candles & scented tarts.

The name says it all! This candles is a heavenly mix of all your favorite berries and fruits, zesty citrus, fresh orange, lemon a little hint of coconut. Great scented candle.

Amish Harvest
A fragrance that is slightly spicy with delicious dried fruit notes. One of our top sellers, and a must have for a nice Fall Scent.

Angel's Trumpet
This clean, mild, sweet floral tends to be popular year round.

One of our many Apple fragrances. This one is a rendition of the delicious Red Apple. Juicy, sweet and picked right from the tree.

Apple Jack & Peel
Wonderful fresh apple aroma with spicy notes of cinnamon and clove. Burn this candle in your home and it will put off a great scent.

Apples & Oats
Combination of juicy apples with a hint of oak and pine.

Aquolina Blue
A Wonderful harmony of caramelized sugar and vanilla blended with heady notes of cedar and Tonka bean. The heart of the fragrance is rich with energetic notes of licorice, patchouli, lavender, and coriander, freshened with crisp bergamot and mandarin, and finished with soothing notes of anise. Blue Sugar is a fragrance of contrasts - fun and effervescent, yet supremely masculine.

Aquolina Pink Sugar
Lemon drops, cotton candy, red fruit, fig leaves, caramel & raspberry sweet vanilla musk, lily of the valley. This scent is our number one seller in a sensual sexy aroma.

Arabian Sandalwood
This moderate, woodsy sandalwood is softened with delicate floral.

The first oriental fragrance for men from Giorgio Armani. Timelessly sensual, in a pure and understated way. A fresh, spicy, oriental composition that exudes its fragrance and develops over the course of the evening by interacting intimately with the skin.An infinitely personal perfume. Essence of virile, sensual and casual elegance.

Seduce the senses with an intriguing orange flower note with fresh ginger accents and the caress of honey-sandalwood accord creating an unforgettable and captivating new encounter. A woman's mysterious code of seduction revealed.

Autumn Fields
Experience a cool, fall sunny afternoon,green and musky with notes of bergamot.

Autumn Harvest
Hints of cranberry, spices and autumn citrus. It's the scent of fall on a cool evening and the crunch of fallen leaves.

Australian Bamboo Grass
Top notes of fresh lime, mint, middle notes of French lavender, and well-rounded with a nice base note of white musk.

Awapuhi Seaberry
Enjoy the hint of floral, melon and berries floating on top of a fresh tropical ocean breeze! When you burn this candle you will think you are in or near the ocean.

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Baby Bee Buttermilk
A fragrance cocktail of luscious fruits such as peaches, mandarin oranges, coconut pulp, bergamot, grapefruit, tropical guava, and tangy lemons.

Baby Grace
Clean, sweet, and innocent, a lovely scent excellent for any bath product.

Baby Magic
Just like the popular baby magic baby wash.

Baby Powder
A powdery, soothing scent that brings to mind warm skin and hugs.

Bamboo & Green Tea
A soothing citrus fragrance with pungent and dry tones that brings green tea leaves together with bergamot, mandarin and jasmine followed by the enveloping aromas of black currant & pomegranate.

Bamboo Teak
A rich and luxurious aroma with hits of sandalwood, cedar wood, musk, floral and sweet fruits.

The creamy, smooth scent of this sweet tropical fruit.

Banana Nut Bread
Creamy banana mixed with warm spice notes with a touch of sugar and walnuts. This is my favorite candle or tart scent.

A holiday favorite, bayberry is pure Christmas & Deep green notes blended with clean top notes.

A clean fragrance reminding you of fresh ocean mist. It's a hot steaming romance on the sunset beaches of Tahiti.

Birds of Paradise
A lush floral similar to gardenia, but with a lighter, smoother top note.

Blackberry Vanilla
Scented candles in this beautiful blend of delicious blackberries and rich vanilla for a relaxing bath product or delightful candle.

Black Cherry
The light, rich aroma of juicy Cherries.

Black Cherry Bomb
An addictive aroma with excellent throw. Strong without an overpowering sweetness to it.

Black Pepper Bergamot Slatking Type
Layers of spicy black pepper combined with bergamot and lavender.

Black Raspberry
A robust and wholesome fragrance with the deep rich sweetness of luscious ripe Black Cherries.

Blackberry Vanilla
Enjoy a beautiful blend of delicious blackberries and rich vanilla.

Blueberry Cobbler
A luscious combination of ripe Maine Blueberries and secret spices create a delightful fragrance. Is one of our top candle scents.

Blueberry Muffin
Fresh Blueberries create a delightful fragrance straight from the oven. One of our top sellers.

Blue Musk
A delicate, light, floral musk. Top notes of lily of the valley. Mid notes of jasmine. Musk and vanilla form the base.

Burberry Brit Women
Fresh and Fun, blend of green Orientals and fruits, resulting in a sweet fragrance with soothing amber and vanilla notes.

Bourbon Toasted Pecans
A quaint aroma of sugared pecans, mingled with a fire-roasted Kentucky Bourbon flavor. This scent is awesome!

Butt Naked
Sweet fruity delightful notes of watermelon and cherry lead the way, let your mind do the rest.

Cake Frosting
Like those wonderful Cake Frosting candies & smooth, creamy, and luscious.

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Calla Lily
Sage grass moving into the softness of lavender & Calla Lily.

This scent is a favorite in all soaps. A clean fragrance reminding you of fresh bath. Remember using caress when you were little, a wonderful clean fragrance.

Candy Cane
This candle is a must during the Christmas Holidays. A sweet classic scent of peppermint. Top Seller!

Candy Corn
Trick-or-Treat, a sweet buttery, honey & caramel aroma. Makes a great scented candle for Halloween. Top Seller!

Fresh juicy Cantaloupe, nice and ripe, and tasty. Smells just like a fresh cantaloupe.

One of my favorite soaps when I was growing up. Clean, fresh floral scent, just clean from a nice hot bath.

Cappuccino Brulee
Like Starbuck coffee, this one smells just like that frothy, sweet Italian coffee treat! Been told to lay off the caffeine, well this is the way to do it. It is a creamy, nutty coffee blend.

Cappuccino Hazelnut
Like Starbuck coffee, only better! This one smells just like that frothy, sweet Italian coffee treat! Been told to lay off the caffeine, well this is the way to do it. It is a creamy, nutty coffee blend.

Caribbean Coconut
A tropical paradise blend of coconut, fresh sliced pineapple, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Carrot Cake & Spice
Think of a moist carrot cake, old fashion carrot cake. Buttery, nutty and sweet.

Precious cassis juices permeate this exotic citrus scent. Crisp and complex, this fruit is sure to awaken your senses.

A spiced, sensual fragrance containing exotic musk with touches of white jasmine and Tahitian vanilla bean.

Cashmere & Silk
A soft and sensual bouquet of creamy French vanilla with sandalwood, patchouli, and musk accented by rose, violet, apricot, and creamy coconut milk. Downy's Cashmere Silk fabric softener. One candle or tart you will want to burn.

The ultimate fragrance for relaxation! The calming, hypnotic scent of the chamomile flower will instantly melt your tensions away.

Chamomile & Musk Melon
Beautiful floral notes and light, sweet melon notes. Again a nice addition to the aromachology assortment.

Chanel No. 5
Identical to the Chanel No 5 perfume.

A sweeter, lighter version of our black cherry, more reminiscent of candy.

Cherry Almond
Cherries blended with sweet almond oil. A terrific blend of fruit and nut!

Cherry Amaretto
A rich combination of almonds and cherries on a vanilla background.

Cherry Lemonade
This fragrance is a blend of Cherry, Lemon, Berry, which make this my number one seller

Cherry Spice
Like cherries jubilee? Then you'll love this rich dessert."

Chestnuts & Brown Sugar
Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, and the sweet aroma of Brown Sugar, warm and inviting.

China Rain
A truly refreshing, clean aroma with top notes of fresh rose petals, middle notes of wisteria and cyclamen, bottom notes of sandalwood and vanilla

The ultimate indulgence, without the calories. Rich, creamy and sweet with plenty of cocoa. Chocolate covered cherries. Yum!

Christmas Cheer
Christmas in the air with this scent touch of Orange, Cinnamon Leaf, Clove, Cranberry & Baked Vanilla.

Christmas Garland
Pleasant, fresh, woody evergreen aroma will have you remembering the holidays at Grandmas house all year long.

Christmas Morning
All the joys of Christmas morning...the pine, the candy canes warmed by the lights, and the bracing hint of snow in the air. This is another top seller in our scented candles & scented tarts.

Christmas Splendor
A fruity, spicy bouquet with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and juniper creates a refreshing Christmas scent.

Christmas Tree
Old time favorite for the Holidays. Fill your house with this herbal fragrance. If you don't have a real tree you need this one inscented candles or scented tarts for Christmas.

Holiday Wreath
No holiday home would be complete without the scent of Holiday Wreath, a vibrant, green, herbal based aroma with crisp pine and spruce top notes.Great for scented candles.

Spicy cinnamon with a blend of rich berry notes, this is a sure scent for the Holidays or just an everyday fragrance.

Country Christmas
The spicy, woodsy fragrance of pine mingled with all the fragrance of holiday spices. You'll want to kick back and eat the cookies while waiting for Santa.

Your favorite spice done right. true cinnamon spice like in grandma's kitchen.

Cinnamon Bun
Cinnamon and sugar with a touch of that wonderful, fresh-baked dough aroma and a sweet glaze.

Cinnamon Spice
The pure intense aroma of freshly ground cinnamon and clove.

Cinnamon Sugared Donuts
A delicious combination of cinnamon and ultimate vanilla cake with sugar sprinkled on top. Yum!

The sharp, unmistakable scent of outdoor candles with an astringent quality terrific for keeping the mosquitoes at bay.

A wonderful blends of orange, lemon, and lime. Bright, bold and crisp. A great wake me up scent.

Citrus Basil
The bright scent of citrus rounded out with the earthy green of basil.

Citrus Blast
A wonderful blends of orange, lemon, and lime. Bright, bold and crisp.

Citrus Spice
Spiced fruit, like a clove-studded orange. A great year round fragrance.

A bright blend of citrus over a mild musk base. Universal, clean and refreshing. Think casual, young and fun.

A musky unisex fragrance with a hint of mint and green floral, a bit heavier than Ck-1 Type

Bright Cotton
Fresh as spring! The clean fragrance of fresh green apples are beautifully combined with just a hint of sweet orange and pineapple on a dry down of musk.

Clean MEN
A wonderful aroma for those that prefer that just-out-of-the-shower fresh smell. Begins with a fresh blast of freshness and settles down to a soft, squeaky-clean finish.

Clean Women
This cool breeze of fragrance is surprising. This mix of lavender, jasmine and musk is completely masculine because it's grounded with oak moss and sandalwood. A nice change of pace in a man's fragrance – cool and refreshing, not overpowering.

This sharp, strong clove scent may inspire you to bake! A nice kitchen alternative to the sweeter scents.

Clove & Cinnamon
A pleasing blend of spruce, lightly sweetened bakery notes, spice and candied fruits.


Coconut-Kayloma 8 different blends
Tropical, nutty, sweetness. Close your eyes and feel the island breeze while you sip that refreshing sweet coconut milk! Kayloma's Coconut is the best you will find.

Coconut Cream
Your coconut favorite with a creamy vanilla note."

Coconut Lemongrass
A mix of zesty lemongrass and fruity pineapple. With middle notes of lily of the valley and peach to temper the citrus, the blend ends beautifully in a smooth finish of coconut and sandalwood.

Coconut Lime Verbena
This popular type fragrance will whisk you away to clean tropical islands. A harmonious blend of Coconut, Lime and aromatic Verbena.

Coconut Macaroon
Smells like a fresh baked coconut macaroon cookie.

Coffee Cake & Spice
You will want to enjoy another cup of coffee while lingering over the scent of this rich spicy coffee cake.

Colombian Coffee
Wake up to this light, roasted coffee-bean fragrance. Like the finest gourmet coffee, without stopping at Starbucks.

Cool Water
The crisp, clean spicy blend of lavender, jasmine, oak moss, musk and sandalwood create a breathtaking scent.

Cabana Breeze
Like a day by the shore with the refreshing scent of cool salt air blowing across the dunes. Crisp rain notes with a soft array of floral notes.

Cotton Blossom
Papaya extract and aloe Vera have been blended to create a refreshing, clean fragrance.

Country Apple
This fresh combination of ripe, red apples and creamy blossoms is as delightful as an orchard in springtime.

Country Berry Hotcakes
Just like mouth watering, buttery hotcakes made perfectly with just the right amount of country berries and drizzled with syrup. Yummy!

Country Christmas
The spicy, woodsy fragrance of pine mingled with all the fragrance of holiday spices. You will want to kick back and eat the cookies while waiting for Santa.

Crackling Firewood
If you like to smell a wood burning Fire. Just relax in a cozy setting and enjoy your fireplace.

Tart cranberries is sure with this scent. A true cranberry fragrance

Cranberry Burst
The tart spiciness of cranberries, just like in Grandmas kitchen at the holidays.

Cranberry Chutney Type
Smells sweet and yummy, combined with secret spices.

Cranberry Spice
A cranberry-lovers' fantasy, imagine fresh baked cranberry tarts, a bit of sugar and cinnamon tames the sharp cranberry.

Cranberry Woods-Slatkin Type

Creme Brulee
Rich, decadent caramel, vanilla cream and burnt sugar.

A mild delightful sweet-smelling fragrance. A wonderful combination of the coolness of a cucumber with a delightfully sweet melon.

Cucumber Melon
The invigorating scent of cucumber mixed with sweet, juicy melon.

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Like a breath of spring air, a soft, leafy scent with a delicate floral. Daisy light wildflower; a sharper floral with a breezy freshness.

Citrus and floral top notes with a sweet woody background.

A sparkling floral bouquet, spirited and fresh, wrapped in comfort and warmth. Strawberry, violet leaves, ruby red grapefruit, gardenia, violet petals, jasmine petals, musk, vanilla and white woods.

Fresh from the shower, like the classic beauty soap, everyone loves Dove Soap.

Downy April Fresh
Smell that unforgettable smell of Downy original scent of springtime air blends of a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Downy Vanilla & Lavender
Enjoy the familiar, rich, soft and relaxing scent of Downy and experience the natural essential oils of lavender, orange, and patchouli for unique, natural fresh scent.

Downy Water Lily & Jasmine
Blended so you experience a fresh, crisp, and energizing scent. Natural essential oils of tangerine and orange to ensure you experience a unique, enticing fresh aroma.

Downy Cashmere & Silk
A soft and sensual bouquet of creamy French vanilla with sandalwood, patchouli, and musk accented by rose, violet, apricot, and creamy coconut milk. Another great scent Downy Cashmere & ;Silk. This candle or scented tart will fill your home with such a clean fragrance.

Orange sherbet and vanilla...the frosty smooth treat from childhood.

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Endless Love
A green fruity floral bouquet of top notes with a sweet woody musky background.

For the truly romantic! Escape blends fruits and fruit blossoms (roses, plums and peaches, all sweet and feminine), then adds a whisper of sensual musk!

Eternity Men Type
Sage and basil with a touch of jasmine to sweeten it just slightly. There's also a bit of wood scent to this one, but in the cool forest sense, not the light woods!

Eternity Women Type
An airy blend of white floral and orange citrus, with lilies and marigold. The perfect everyday fragrance to make yourself memorable!

The strong, pungent scent of eucalyptus is like no other scent in the world, but close to a true menthol. It's an eye-opener.

A dark, musky blend with spicy floral. An exotic embrace of warmth and sensuality.

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Fall Harvest
Cinnamon, clove and nutmeg are blended with slightly nutty notes and a sweet vanilla background. You will love this fall scent.

Fresh from the shower, like the classic beauty soap, now you can have your candles, lotions and creams, bath salts, or even body oil created with this popular Febreze scent.

The spicy-sweet desert fruit ...refreshing with just the right balance.

Fig & Melon
Rich, ripe late season fig with warm autumn melon notes. Excellent for soap and candles.

Fireside Type
This scent will knock your socks off if you like cinnamon, this is for cinnamon lovers. Pure Cinnamon aroma. Top Seller.

Forbidden Fantasy (VS)
This Victoria's Secret duplicate is an exotic intoxicating tropical floral fruity type with notes of passion fruit, papaya-mango, jasmine, cyclamen, and musk.

The Hawaiian fl oral...a lush sweet tropical flower. This is a strong clean floral that is unique and loved by many.

This is a clean, fresh floral, with a delicate crispness to it.

Fresh Lemons
Green melon, wild flowers & jasmine with middle notes of lily & violet. Bottom notes cashmere & musk.

Fresh Water Cucumbers
Blend of cucumber, ozone and rain.

Frosty the Snowman
A cool refreshing blast of Wintergreen that will chill you to your toes!

Fudge Brownie
They will think you have been baking. A light chocolate scent. Very rich.

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Very strong white distinctive and lush!

Warm gingerbread right from the oven. Ginger blended with sugar and cinnamon, this captures that "just baked" aroma.

Gingerbread Applesauce
A combination of freshly baked gingerbread with sweet applesauce make this a delicious scent.

Gingersnap Cookies! Like the gingerbread, but with a bit more snap to them & spicier, crisper.

Ginger Verbena
Fresh ginger, stimulating lemon and ripe grapefruit create this wonderful fragrance.

Green Tea
A delightfully sweet herbal bouquet of green tea!

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Happy Type women CLINIQUE
Straight-forward floral blend, with spicy carnation, gentle lily of the valley and white jasmine. This is a terrific everyday fragrance.

Harvest Spice
Pomegranate, plum, spice, musk, vanilla sugar with citrus spiced cider blend. Warmed with ginger, clove and cinnamon.

Hawaiian Lei
This is a complex blend of the headiest of Hawaiian flowers, including Frangipani, White and Plumeria.

Hawaiian Rain
You left your Lei out in the rain! A wonderful blend of Frangipani, White Ginger and Plumeria softened by a kiss of fresh water.

Hawaiian Sandalwood-Slatkin Type
An exotic blend of pineapple, mango and guava topped off with soft sandalwood notes. This is another top seller for Kayloma Candles.

Hawaiian Tropic
This is our version and smells exactly like the famous brand of tanning lotion known as "Hawaiian Tropic". An awesome coconut nectar with an ever so slight hint of banana. This one is a must it is an all time favorite. You would not leave home without your Hawaiian Tropic for that sunny day at the Beach.

A sweet, nutty aroma, milder than almond.

A delicate floral that will send you back to the Scottish moors. Imagine standing in a field of this delicate flower as the mist rises - relaxing and fragrant.

This candle scent is a favorite with both men and women, the best of both worlds! An unusual blend of soft floral with the more masculine musk notes.

Hothouse floral that's surprisingly light and less cloying than some.

Blend of yellow, red, and black hollyberries and a hint of clove.

Hollyberry & Cassia Root
Spicy Cranberry followed by notes of strawberries, peaches and fresh Raspberries. Followed by notes of fresh holly pine leaf with a touch of cassia root.

Home For Christmas
A sweet background with top notes of a spicy cinnamon and clove.

Homemade Lemonade
Fresh lemons of homemade lemonade on a hot summer day!

A delicious fragrant scent with a combination of caramel, nuts and vanilla. This fragrant is one of my best sellers. Hard to keep this one in stock.

Home Sweet Memories
A spicy blend of cinnamon and clove with subtle hints of floral rose and ylang ylang.

Fresh from the honey comb...smells just like the golden syrup. Very sweet with a hint of orange blossoms.

Honey Almond
Honey drizzled over sweet almonds.

Honeydew Melon
This pale green melon has a fresh, breezy sweetness.

Honeysuckle combined with hints of jasmine, rose and lilac create a fresh as spring scent.

Hot Baked Apple Pie
The aroma of hot baked apple pie sprinkled with cinnamon has been captured in this scent.

Hot Cocoa
The aroma of hot chocolate with marshmallows on a cold crisp winter night.

Hot Orange Danish
A fragrance to make you go mmmmmm! This fantastic bakery scent goes the extra mile to provide you with a true fresh-baked aroma, with notes of fresh baked danish, orange zests, and the aroma of drizzled cream frosting.

Hypnotic Tonka Bean
Bergamot, Lemon, Orange, and Galbanum start out this hypnotic scent followed by Jasmine, Rose, and Ylang Ylang.Sandalwood, Musk, Amber, Vanilla, and Tonka Bean round out this beautiful fragrance.

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Indian Musk
A blend of middle eastern spices combined with Sandalwood and musk.

Indonesian Teak
This new popular favorite has that rich Teakwood scent mixed with oriental floral notes. Undertones of mossy amber, sandalwood, and acacia add a luxurious aroma that will leave you feeling relaxed and calm.

Irish Moca
This smooth creamy flavor of Irish cream combined with the scent of chocolate mint is very indescribably delicious.

Island Fresh Gain
A Best Seller! Highly requested scent! The wonderful aroma of Gain Island Fresh Fabric Softener. Smells just like an ocean breeze on a tropical island. Top notes followed by fresh greenery, lavender, vanilla, rose , jasmine, and melon, with bottom notes of fresh air. One of the freshest scents you will ever smell!

Island Paradise
Nothing like the warm sun on an Island beach, and the sweet playful blend of fruits, including mango for this scent.

Italian Biscotti
An aroma of crispy almond cookies, with notes of vanilla and dark chocolate.

Ivory Soap
Fresh from the shower, like the classic floating soap - now you can have your candles, lotions and creams, bath salts, or even body oil created with this popular old time favorite scent!

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Frosty the Snowman
A touch of mint, a whisper of sugar and a hint of vanilla combine to create a perfectly refreshing scent! Top Seller

Japanese Cherry Blossom
Japanese Cherry blossom with asian mimosa petals with notes of musk & cedarwood.

A heavy white floral that's not overpowering. A bright oriental feel to it, rather mysterious. This is very popular in many perfume blends.

Jasmine Vanilla
light aroma of summer Jasmine with a vanilla background. If you like Vanilla you will love this scent!

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A nice blend of kiwi and other fruits with hints of green. The green, fresh fruit mild & smooth.

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Refined yet simple, with an unmistakable, powerful fragrance all its own.

Lavender Rose
The refined fragrance of lavender rounded out with rose.

Lavender Vanilla
Lavender fans will enjoy this relaxing blend of floral scents highlighted by the rich buttery aroma of vanilla.

Deep, rich, aromatic Leather. True to its name and much like being in a saddle shop. Men have been asking for this one.

Fresh lemons...sunny and tart, bursting with citrus zing!

Enjoy the aroma and smell of a Fresh tall glass of fresh lemonade.

Lemon Grass
A combination of grass notes and a touch of lemony zip. A nice balance of sharp and soothing.

Lemon Grass & Orange
A fresh clean combination of lemon grass and orange. This is a strong scent for any room. One of our biggest sellers.

Lemon Verbena
Fresh lemons with this scent with a hint of pie crust.

Lick Me All Over
This one is too hot to describe. Fruit, sweet, clean scent

The intense spring scent in a though a soft breeze stirred the entire lilac bush.

Lilac & Lilies
This clean, mild, sweet floral tends to be popular year round.

Lily of The Valley
The delicate, white-green floral of spring. Soft and sheer as fine linen. We can not keep this one in stock.

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The heady, sweet perfume of southern magnolias. Pull up a seat on the plantation's porch and inhale the romance.

Mahogany Teakwood-Slatkin Type
A fine wood fragrance combination of mahogany, cedar wood and oak with top notes of fresh lavender and geranium.

Orange, but less sweet. This is a stronger orange citrus, with an oriental touch.

Mandarin Clove
Strong orange citrus, with the spice of clove. What a great combination!

The smooth tropical fruit, peachy, sweet with a hint of citrus.

Mango Apple
A delicious blend of apple, subtle hints of rose petals with a top note of sweet mango juices.

Mango Mandarin
This popular fragrance is absolutely irresistible. A unique blend of freshly sliced mandarin oranges and tangerines with clean base notes of ripe mango. Fresh, clean and tangy!

Mango Papaya
Fresh from the tropics, a mouth-watering fragrance of sweet mangoes and papaya, clean and enticing.

Maple Walnut
Rich Maple aroma with mouthwatering Walnuts.

Clean, Crisp, Refreshing Citrus Scent. Think fresh squeezed lime, triple sec, and tequila!! A must have for your scent collection!

Midnight Pomegranate (Bath & Body Works Type)
Our version of the Bath & Body Works fragrance of juicy red pomegranates that sparkle like rubies in the moonlight. A very enticing, fiery and seductive fragrance

Midnight Rain
Fresh air on a rainy evening and water with a touch of night musk.

Midnight Rose
A more mysterious rose, wrapped in incense. Roses on an oriental night!

Midnight Vanilla
This is the Ultimate aroma of Vanilla. Strong scent!

Mojito fragrance has strong top notes of juicy lime and sugar; balanced with mint leaves and rum. A must have scent!

Monkey Farts
Despite your initial reaction to the name, this scent is anything but disgusting. A unique blend of bananas, fresh grapefruit, with strawberries, kiwi, bubblegum and a touch of vanilla. A favorite for children's soap

Moonflowers uniquely subtle, yet fragrant, floral scent smells just like the enormous white flower renowned for only opening its petals at night.

Moonlight Path
A sensual women's fragrance infused with lavender, violets and light musk.

Mountain Hazelnut Cafe
Rich roasted hazelnut gets buttery accents to compliment this roasted coffee blend. Sweet undertones of brown sugar create a caramelized effect for the beverage sensation.

Mountain Leaves-Slatkin Type
Woodsy and Sweet! A combination of baked sweet treats and autumn leaves, woodsy notes of cedar along with some great spices too. This is another top seller for Kayloma Candles, including scented chunky melts, scented tarts, triple scented candles.

Mountain Meadow
Plenty of green notes with some light floral and fresh country breezes.

Mulled Cider
Crisp apples, juicy oranges, spicy cloves and fresh cinnamon combined with a sweet musk background create a great scent!

A mild earthy berry fragrance. Not as strong as other berries, this one is mellow.

Mulberry Spice
A nice fruity bouquet with cinnamon and a hint of orange and just a touch of maple syrup.

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Naked In The Woods
The scent of Sun-Warmed Figs, Italian Bergamot and White Tea Leaves is entwined with notes of Jasmine, Sweet Heliotrope and Sandalwood enveloping the wearer in the warmth of the Woods.

Orange blossoms. Delicate and slightly citrus candle.

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Oatmeal, Milk & Honey
The wheat oatmeal scent with warm cream and soothing honey.

Oatmeal Raisin
Your favorite comfort breakfast with light, fruity raisins.

Obsession Men
Mandarin orange, nutmeg and clove nuts with a top note of amber, this oriental is exceptionally smooth.

Obsession Women
The allure of oriental spices and amber. This warm scent also has touches of orange blossom and oak moss.

Nothing like the fresh scent of an Ocean Breeze on a warm summer night.

Ocean Mist
The clean scent of rain on the seashore. A mild aroma that offers the introduction to the rain family.

Old Fashion Cake
This blend is Kayloma's, & one of our most popular in our Bakery or Food Scents. Filled with warm with a combination of caramel, nuts and warm buttery vanilla. Really makes your home fill like Grandma's kitchen.

Opium Women Type
An opulent oriental with a clove base, lightened by lily of the valley and rose. Spiced with pepper and warmed by sandalwood.

Sweet juicy oranges, powerful and invigorating. This is a rejuvenating, uplifting scent.

Orange Blossom
A bit of orange with a bold, clean white floral top note.

Orange Chiffon Cake
French vanilla cake with a orange citrus cream icing. This is a wonderful fragrance!

Orange Clove
You favorite blend of orange peel, clove to top it off, this makes a wonderful scented candle.This scent is Great.

Orange Dreamsicle
The ice cream truck is bringing you your favorite blend of orange peel, lemon zest, sweet coconut and French vanilla. This scent is Great.

Orange Spice Gumdrops
Juicy, sweet oranges with cinnamon and cloves. Like spices simmering on the stove, with fresh-squeeze oranges alongside.

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Delicate and light floral with a clean well rounded sweetness.

Juicy and sweet, resembling ripe cantaloupe, but with a hint of musk.

Papaya Mango
Fresh from the tropics, a mouth watering fragrance of sweet mangoes and papaya, clean and enticing.

Paris Hilton Type
This feminine scents a blend of: Frozen Apple, Peach Nectar, Freesia, Mimosa, Jasmine, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, and Oak moss.

Passion Fruit
Appealing, guava like scent, but a bit more tart, with a light floral top note.

Passionate Kisses
A sweet fruity combination of orange, lemon and cherries with floral nuances of jasmine and violets on a mild musky background.

Deep earthy and musk notes of patchouli blended with sweet ripe raspberries. The woodsy quality makes this a great scent for any products that would be gifts for men. 60's flashback! The musky incense of choice for years in the counter-culture. You can almost hear the sitar music!

Juicy warm ripe peaches. So realistic, you will be able to feel the peach fuzz.

Peaches N Cream
Juicy summer favorite sliced into fresh, cold, cream. Sweet and scrumptious.

Pecan Pie
Sweet, toasted pecans and brown sugar in a freshly backed crust. How do they get that pie crust in a jar?

A heavier, sweet floral with an oriental feel. Lush and creamy.

Mildly spicy, traditional peppermint sprigs that are cooling and sweet at the same time.

Pina Colada
Coconuts Pineapple & Rum! Give me a tall frosty glass and send me to the Islands!

The sweet, robust aroma of fresh cut pineapple. Juicy, not the canned stuff.

Pink Berry Lemonade
The aroma of a fresh, crisp watermelon with a feminine twist! Truly unique! pink watermelon aroma begins with top notes of watermelon and strawberry, followed by middle notes of jasmine, rose, and green notes; sitting on base notes of cassis, oak moss, white woods, and vanilla.

Pink Sands
Exotic island blend of citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla. If you like an easy smooth clean scent you will love Pink Sands.

Pink Sugar
This sinfully and scrumptious Scent will make you in the Romantic mood. This is our number one top seller in scented candles, scented heart shaped tarts, body lotion, cologne and perfume. Sweet smelling cotton candy, red fruit, fig leaves, caramel & raspberry sweet Vanilla musk, Lily of the Valley and more. Very sexy, delicious, and scrumptious all in one with this scent.

Pink Watermelon
The aroma of a fresh, crisp watermelon with a feminine twist! Truly unique! pink watermelon aroma begins with top notes of watermelon and strawberry, followed by middle notes of jasmine, rose, and green notes; sitting on base notes of cassis, oak moss, white woods, and vanilla.

Pink VS
Bubbly, lively fragrance of peony, freesia, lily of the valley and other floral with a touch of Juniper berry for crispness.

Pleasures Men Type ESTEE LAUDER
Spicy and masculine! Pepper, basil and carnations!

A soft floral blend of lily of the valley, roses, violets and lilac. Delicate and lasting.

A clean floral with a whisper of summer breezes. This has been our number one scent for the last 9 months.

Plum Pudding
Sweet ripe plums with sugar and spices and a hint of raisin and fig. A definite holiday favorite.

Sweet exotic fruit, fresh and enticing with a slight hint of floral.

Pomegranate Mango
The perfect blend of crisp pomegranate, citrus and juicy Mangos. Heart notes of jasmine, rose and lilac. Base notes of amber, musk and powder.

This fragrance smells just like the ponds lotion.

Pumpkin Crunch Cake
The aroma of creamy pumpkin pie filling rich, freshly baked yellow cake, melted butter, pecans, and hints of spice. This is another top seller for Kayloma Candles.

Pumpkin Marshmallow
A blend of cooked pumpkin and marshmallows with a hint of caramel glaze.

Pumpkin Pie Spice
Burn this candle, and you will think something is cooking. Nutmeg and spice and everything nice. This is all you need for the Holidays!

Pumpkin Souffle
A deliciously buttery fall treat, Pumpkin Souffle has the appealing scents of brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger, nutty pumpkin, topped off with sweet vanilla custard cream, orange peels for extra zest.

Pure Seduction
An enticing blend of Casaba Melon, Plum and Freesia.

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Refreshing yet soothing. Rain drenched air, clean and soft.

Jungle Mist
A forest of ferns and greenery drenched in cleansing waters.

Raspberry Patchouli
Deep earthy and musk notes of patchouli blended with sweet ripe raspberries. The woodsy quality makes this a great scent for any products that would be gifts for men.

Raspberry Peach Cobbler

Ralph Lauren Blue
A seductive fragrance, cool and elegant with a fresh floral scent.

Red (Giorgio)
A spicy, musky fragrance with mossy overtones, infused with carnation and marigold. A rich, earthy fragrance.

An extravagant floral blend of rose, violet, jasmine and orchid tempered with the sweetness of honey.

Red Hot Cinnamon
Those fiery-hot little candies with the big punch. Cinnamon on fire!

Red Mac Apple
The Big Daddy of apple scents! Just like biting into a juicy Red Macintosh apple.

Imagine your aunt's rose garden lush, redolent, and full of the classic scent of tea rose.

Rose Petals
Strong fragrance of a fresh cut Rose. This is a true Rose Scent, one of our top sellers along with Rose.

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An energizing herbal scent, pungent with a muskiness to it.

Sage & Chamomile
truly enticing combination of soft and calming scent of chamomile flower with the herbal scent of sage results in a wonderful blend for most any application.

Sage & Citrus
This fragrance is truly a calming scent with herbal and tangy citrus, it is truly a great blend.

Strongly aromatic oriental wood. A terrific warm base note, frequently used in incense and a variety of perfumes and colognes.

Sangria White Peach
This sparking fragrance is a wonderful blend of red wine with slices of ripe peach and juicy orange, just like the drink.

Santa's Pipe
Smells like cherry tobacco. The nice aroma of your Dad smoking his pipe. I love that smell.

Mildly fragrant with a minty/sweet base and a slightly camphor aroma.

Satin Sheets
Clean fresh scent in the air, Papaya extract and aloe Vera, touch of sweetness in the air. Kayloma Blend

Sea Breeze
Fresh blend of floral's and medicinal notes underlined by fruits and woods.This is a must in candles or tarts.

Sea Island Cotton
Sea Island Cotton is one of the most valuable and costly cotton varieties. You will find yourself lost in this silky, fresh, clean scent of Cotton intermixed with soft, breezy, humid notes

Sea Spray
A crisp refreshing ocean scent with a hint of lavender and fresh herbal notes.

Sex on the Beach
Orange juice, cranberry juice, peach schnapps. Remember drinking this fantastic summer cooler with a kick on Spring Break?

Sex in The Shower
Blend of Orange, Cherry, Peach, Pineapple and Vanilla. One of our top sellers!

Shea & Cashmere
African shea butter scent with luxurious cashmere extract with a hint of vanilla.

Sleigh Ride-Slatkin Type
Perfect blend of pine, apple, cinnamon and holly with a splash of vanilla. This new scent by Slatkin is a must have for the Holidays, fill your home with this fragrance. This is another top seller for Kayloma Candles, including scented chunky melts, scented tarts, triple scented candles.

The warm, lightly cinnamon scent of the chewy, sugar and spice cookie.

Southern Jasmine
This is a real jazzy jasmine! Subtle yet bold scent of exotic southern jasmine.

Sparkling Melon Medley
This clean, mild, sweet floral tends to be popular year round.

A sharp, clean burst of mint to awaken the senses. Frosty and bright.

Spicy Orange Gumdrop
Strong scent of orange and spices, just like opening a bag of gumdrops.

Spiced Apple Maple
All the best of Cinnamon roasted apples with a hint of buttery maple syrup.

Spiced Sugar Plum
A perennial favorite, this unforgettable fragrance combines the rich, heady perfume of light, ripe plums with a holiday spiciness.

Strawberries & Champagne Victoria's Secret Type
An enticing blend of Strawberry, Hyacinth, Cassis, white floral's and sandalwood.

Sweet, refreshing summertime favorite. A juicy, fruity scent that's not too sweet.

Strawberry Cream
Those tart, juicy strawberries you remember straight from the berry patch, drenched in the soothing, milky richness of cream to soften them.

Strawberry Melon
Sweet juicy strawberries are blended with overtones of ripe watermelons.

Strawberry Passion
Enjoy the rich pleasant smell of ripe Strawberries with notes of cotton candy and. This fragrance is wonderful in candles, soap and bath products. A Valentine theme in Strawberries.

Strawberry Rose
Two summer favorites in one fragrance! The sweet tart fruit essence of plump, juicy strawberries blended with fragrant tea rose.

Strawberry & Wine
A nice mixture of sweet strawberries and fresh, ripe, Merlot fruit.

Sun Ripened Raspberries
The fruity freshness of sun ripened raspberries with just a splash of peach.

Tropical Islands is what this scent is all about. Bring the beach to your home with our scented candles, along with the Seashore.

Sweet Pea
Delicate scent of sweet peas along the garden fence. Very feminine and old fashioned, with a peachy undertone.

Sweet Rain
Rain scent with sweet top notes of light floral.

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Tahitian Vanilla
Magical vanilla scent with blends of fresh fruit followed by notes of sandalwood and musk. Very sweet and seductive scent.

Teak & Sandalwood
Exotic blend of soft, somewhat sweet sandalwood and aromatic, pleasant teak.

Tibetan Amber
A luxury spa fragrance! An Orient-inspired aroma that relishes the need of both men and women; Tibetan Amber is a unisex spa scent. This fragrance begins with powdery top notes of lotus blossoms, rose and jasmine, and follows with oriental notes of amber, musk and French vanilla bean

This fragrance brings back college days in the dorm. If you like the fresh scent of tide you will love this scent.

Toasted Coconut
Warm smell of toasted almonds and coconut.

Toasted Hazelnut
Wonderful aroma of freshly toasted hazelnuts with base notes of vanilla and butter. Use this scent at Christmas time and call it Roasted Chestnuts!

Toasted Marshmallow
Remember that sweet-toasty aroma of hot marshmallow over the campfire? This is it! Light scent!

Tommy Girl
Refreshing as a summer day! Green floral mixed with light herbals and heather.

Fruit punch with white floral. Will make you want to put on a lei and dance!

Tropical Cooler
Pull up a patio chair, a tall glass and a straw! This refreshingly cool, fruity scent will sooth you on a hot summer day with just a splash of citrus.

Tropical Paradise
The aroma of exotic tropical fruits including coconut, pineapple, berries, dragon fruit, star fruit, papaya, mango, and kumquat.

Tropical Sunset
Mangoes & coconuts with fresh aquatic notes.

Heavy, white floral with the lushness of tropical blossoms. A truly luxuriant indulgence.

Tuscan Patchouli
This fragrance is very deep, dark, exotic and definitely masculine. Patchouli blended with heavy woody notes.

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Ultimate Vanillia
would have to say if you are a Vanilla lover, this scent is for you. Smells like a real strong Vanilla.

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Vanilla Hazelnut
Sweet hazelnut with the richness of vanilla cream.

Vanilla Maple Pecan
A scrumptious blend of 3 great fragrances, soft and smooth you will taste the roasted pecans, maple syrup, rich vanilla.

Vanilla Oak
The comforting richness of fine aged wood and fresh vanilla spice create an aura of warmth.

Vanilla Rose
The creamy richness of vanilla poured over the rich floral of tea rose.

Vera Cruz Vanilla
Vera Cruz Vanilla is said to be a warm rich vanilla that absolutely has a wonderful scent.Try this in scented candles, scented melts, tarts or even lotion. A Mexican Vanilla scent.

Vermont Maple Syrup
This warm mouth-watering scent is created by combining buttery maple notes with fennel, anise and vanilla.

Very Sexy For Her (Women)
Notes of blackberry freesia and lily with a touch of suede, daring and distinctive, an unforgettable fragrance!

Victoria Secret Desire
Bubbly, lively fragrance of peony, freesia, lily of the valley and other floral with a touch of Juniper berry for crispness.

Victoria Secret Pink
Bubbly, lively fragrance of peony, freesia, lily of the valley and other floral with a touch of Juniper berry for crispness.

Victoria Secret Rapture
Amber and orange blossoms balanced by freesia and white floral. Bold and sophisticated.

Victorian Christmas
Known to be our #1 holiday fragrance offering clean green pine notes, mid notes of rum fruitcake and top notes of clean soft floral make this the epitome of the holiday aromas.

Victorian Rose
A combination of English & Victorian Roses. Really a nice fragrance if you do not like the over powering of Roses.

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This is an all time favorite if you like home bake food, with warm sweet walnuts.

Warm Apple Cobbler
The warm apple and spice blend of fresh apple cobbler.

Warm Orange Gingerbread
The fresh smell of gingerbread with just a touch or orange.

Warm Pumpkin Crunch
A sweet, warm buttery vanilla fragrance with nuances of nut. You will definitely get a warm feeling on this scented candle. This really is a wonderful scent!Another Great Scent for fall

Warm Vanilla Sugar
A base of white flowers sweetened with African vanilla beans, sandalwood and coconut.

Just the refreshing scent of a juicy slice of watermelon, a summer time favorite!

Special Day
A sophisticated blend of fruits, floral blossoms & greens.

White Cake
Sweet buttery vanilla cake. This is truly the most wonderful smell, I think you could eat it.

White Chocolate
This does smell very nice. Hard to explain, but smells heavenly. Not the deep dark chocolate. The scent just smells Great! Try this in our candle scent.

White Diamonds Type
A woman's best friend. A sharp blend of lilies, roses and oak moss with an amber base.

White Linen Type
Cool & crisp as linen, with jasmine, moss and white floral with a touch of berries.

White Musk
If you like musk you will love this soft but yet inviting aroma.

Wild Mountain Honey
An awesome honey fragrance abundant with a mixed bouquet of wildflowers.

Winter Cheer
Christmas in the air with this scent touch of Orange, Cinnamon Leaf, Clove, Cranberry & Baked Vanilla.

Winter Holiday
The rum fruitcake just came out of the oven, with the fresh-baked, spicy fruit aroma mixing with the scent of the flowers on the dining room table.

Winter Ice
Ice and snow in the crisp and clear, it crackles.

Winter Wonderland-Slatkin Type
Wonderful spicy blend of cinnamon, clove and vanilla followed by notes of sweet mulberry, balsam fir and cedar.

An intoxicatingly sweet fragrance that will fill the room. Some say the scent is a combination of honeysuckle and lilac; everyone agrees it's lovely!

Woodland Berry-Slatkin Type
A warm woodsy scent followed by fresh raspberries, red currant and mulberry.

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