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 50 Chunky Melts - 2 Scents

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Scented Candles, Scented Melts, Scented Tarts, Chunky Melts, Primitive Decor

We offer premium Scented Candles,  Wax Melts, Scented Wax Chips, Chunky Melts, Scented Tarts, Primitive Decor.  Kayloma Candles™does not use Paraffin wax.! Candles from Kayloma Candles™ are all hand poured at the time of your order. You will love Kayloma Candles™ products. All of our Candle Scents are great to give as Valentine's Day Gifts & for the everyday or holiday gift giving.

Scented Candles, Scented Tarts, Fall Candle Scents, PillarsKayloma Candles™ offers candles, scented melts, and primitive home decor to set any mood. We feature crystal pillars, apothecary jar containers. Kayloma only uses the best premium oil you can find in the USA. We want our customers to be returning customers. We tested our wax for over 6 months to produce the best quality in Natural Wax Candles. Our scented candles are very elegant. We are now hand-pouring Chunkie Melts or Chunky Melts. Kayloma has a new collection of Slatkin Scented Oils for our Collection of Slatkin Scents, Tarts, Scented Melts, Heart Shaped Melts and Chunky Melts.

Of course you have searched and looked for a highly scented candle that has everything you want. Only to find that it has a wonderful scent when you purchase it. Only later you find out once again you bought a candle that does not produce scent while you are burning it. How many times have you bought a candle to experience that it has no scent, burns black, and smokes. Believe me I know, I am one of those persons, I have been through the same ordeal. That is why I started making Candles in 2000 for that very reason. I got so tired of buying candles only to find they had no scent, and had the added touch of the black soot all over the jar. Our all natural candle products burn slow, burn very clean, and are scented throughout the life of the candle. Browse through our online store,  and check out all of Kayloma Candles™, home decor, and you will not be disappointed. If you have any questions don't hesitate to give us a call.

Enjoy your visit! Be sure and drop in again soon. Remember the most important thing when searching for a candle is to buy a good quality candle. This is what Kayloma Candles™ offers!. All natural Palm Wax.

We use 100% premium fragrance oils in Kayloma Candles™. We use only braided wicks to ensure a safe burning candle.
100% Natural Palm wax Candles, they are so much healthier, very clean burning candle. An fantastic realistic scent, Blueberry Cobbler fragrance smells just like a blueberry cobbler. Burn an even burn from top to bottom, so that you have no wasted wax. Soot free, no ugly black soot on the rims or your glass jars, carpets, windows, lungs. Non-toxic, so you are safe from harmful materials. Safe to your health or environment. Consists of all natural materials such as vegetables and plants. Kayloma customers have said in our testimonials that this is the first candle that they did not have a reaction too. We guarantee Kayloma Candles™ smell Great! We offer jar candles, hand poured candles, plug ins, potpourri, Natural Wax Candle products, tea light candle holders, votive candle holders. We believe you would be happy with Kayloma Candles™, and Scented Melts. We cannot guarantee that the scent you order is what you are used to smelling, we do buy 100% premium oil here in the USA.

Kayloma Candles™, we believe in the importance of providing a quality candle product. That is why every candle product we sell is guaranteed to be exactly as described and to arrive in good condition. You will actually have a Natural Wax candle that smells wonderful & burns clean. We take pride in our Hand poured Natural Wax Candles or Triple Scented Tarts &  Scented Melts.
We use braided HTP wicks and Natural wax. We use lead free wicks.

We offer many scents to choose from, browse our store, check out our break away melts, heart shaped melts. Easter Holiday & Mother's Day Candle Scents. Choices to choose from in our product line is, Moonlight Path, Awapuhi Seaberry melts, Seashore, Midnight Pomegranate, Lily of The Valley, melts. Kayloma Candles™ triple scented melts or scented tarts will fill your room with a wonderful fragrance. Many Candles to choose from in our Collections of candles, scented melts, scented wax tarts.

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All of our orders are shipped from St. Albans, West Virginia.
We hand pour each of our orders, please read our policy on Refunds for wax products. We do not refund on our wax products, these are made to order. Be sure to try Scented Candles,  Wax Melts, Scented Wax Chips, Chunky Melts, Scented Tarts, Primitive Decor.

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